Bob Jackson Frames from 1981

So begins our journey through the Bikecology catalog from the summer of 1981.  What fun we are going to have!  I am going to post the entire catalog, in order.  Remember that you can click on images to make them bigger.  Today’s installment get’s us off to a great start with a cover sporting tasty pictures of anodized Modolo brakes.  I always lusted after these candy colored gems.  My dreams consisted of bikes stopped by these or similar brakes from Zeus.  I never owned any of either.  I was never sure how I felt about the anodization thing.  I would have probably opted for silver.  The BMX world really ran with the multicolor anodization things but Modolo and Zeus made a good showing as well.  I have to admit bikes with anodized groupos and matching rims do look pretty smart.

Open the catalog and we are greeted by a lovely Bob Jackson frame.  Bob Jackson frames are constructed in Leeds, England.  They are still at it and can put together a road frame for you for as little as $1,125.  I owned one briefly.  It was a beauty plucked from eBay.  At the time I thought it was a bit too big for me so I passed it to a good friend.  I hope he is enjoying it!

The touring frame is the one that I would enjoy the most today.  A longer wheelbase, relaxed angles and composure when loaded make for a chill transportation cycling machine.  That, or throw some packs on and tour the world.  Someday!

Tandems!  Have you ever pedaled a serious tandem?  Something other than a floppy recreational unit, I mean.  I have a Cannondale mountain tandem with stout aluminum tubes.  That thing is very composed in motion and two strong riders can build up dangerous speeds pretty quickly.  I have never pedaled a serious road tandem.  Hard to say if I ever will.  I doubt I will ever buy one.  The Cannondale does a fine job of scratching the pedaling connected itch.  No need to bring another long boat into the family!

That’s enough for the first day.  Be well!


2 responses to “Bob Jackson Frames from 1981

  1. Hey Hey!! Oh Boi, I hope you guys are well!
    Guess what? I am a recent arrival on the West Coast and I saw this Should I go for it…gggggg(nail-biting audibly). I shouldn’t but I want to, ya know the feeling.

    To continue…I got very excited and I wanted to find a little more, so today I searched 1981 Bob Jackson…and low and behold it immediately led me to you.
    Serendipitous, no?

    Or is it proof that you have become an online bike Goddess dispelling impassioned and forgotten, yet pivotal lore, and making it available to the masses such as myself? I just mean what a coincidence and I’ve always suspected the above.

    Now I definitely have to visit Bikecology. And to think that I had mistaken Golden Saddle for the only cool shop in the LA area.

    As always; Big Hugz

    • Oh hey! Thanks for writing! Sorry I didn’t pick up your comment until now. Hope you bought that swell looking ride.

      It is a very small world made a little smaller by these tubes. Hope you are well. Guessing you are if you are writing comments on blogs and buying bicycles.

      All is well here! Take care!


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