Man O Man & Woman O Woman!

The working!  So much!  In between there has been sharply dressed watermelon inspired by Bryant Terry.

Herbed salt, black pepper and basil.  Looks like a big hunk of tuna!  Watermelon sashimi anyone?  I can almost taste it with tamari and wasabi on sweet rice.

I have ten basil plants in the backyard garden, but this basil came from a volunteer growing in a pot with a volunteer pine tree and some volunteer oregano.  Why do I plant anything?

Found a seat clamp in my drawer (who knew I had a shiny new one stamped Made in England hiding in a bin–not I), so I was able to clamp a less lively seat on the Duke.  I was pretty sure 99% of the creaks and groans were coming from the sprung Persons saddle, but it was hard to be sure until it was off–everything is quiet now.  A real parts bin beauty, don’t you think?The seat might have come from the same bicycle from which the cranks were pulled.  That’s what I want to imagine, anyway.  Long lost friends finding each other again, connected through the frame, saying warm hellos when off duty and laboring together when I make the request.  The “Road Look” on the Fuji saddle makes me smile.  Did that seem perfect when the bicycle was new in the show room or was it just a little off then as well?  

As I looked at the new seat and clamp, I wondered whether the clamp was upside down.  Probably not because the Made in England was right side up with the clamp oriented thusly, but if it were flipped over the clamp would be fully contained within the saddle.  I will leave it this way.  I enjoy seeing the works–being reminded that this bicycle is not too proud to sport a straight post and clamp rather than the more upscale single piece units with integrated clamps.  

Without the origin stamp I would have been less likely to leave it alone.  Once I thought about it, I had no idea which way the clamp was to go.  The saddle has deep sides and the rails are far from the shell (unlike some modern racing saddles which should probably be called platforms instead), so either way was possible.  Again, if I flipped it over the clamp would be hidden within the saddle for a cleaner look, but the reach to the nuts used to tighten the clamp would be further.  The way I have it oriented the nuts are much easier to reach.  Do you have a preference, or even mechanical reasons why the clamps should go one way or the other?

When I was looking through the bin in which I found the clamp, I also found three Huret odometers.  They ride near the hub and get information from a small rubber belt running on a wheel fixed to the hub flange.  The tabs on the wheels fit some low flange hubs or in cut outs on some high flange hubs if you were lucky.  If not, the tabs could be cut off and the wheel was to be affixed to the hub with zip ties.  A Rivendellesque solution before Rivendell existed.  Total distance is what it is, but the trip distance can be reset by turning a wheel on the side.  This one is almost new.  I had one on a bike as a kid, so one must be mine (I am a good saver–too good sometimes but just now I don’t think so).  No idea where the other two came from, but I squirreled them away and forgot about them until now.  I still have one drive belt I am without excuses as to why I don’t have at least one on a bike.  I don’t care how far I go (which is surely why the one I had mounted so many years ago was taken off), but the unit is too cute to hide away.  The Duke seems as good a place as any.  

Shared an ice cream cone with my dog recently.  Like a snake’s tongue, I tell you.

Chopped off a wee bit of the end of my finger.  I had my fingers almost properly tucked under.  Not far enough, obviously.  I didn’t feel a thing (until later when water washed the surrounding jalapeno juices into the cut).  

That’s the first thing I do when I cut my finger–grab the camera.  I call it my cut hand project.   I only have maybe a couple of dozen shots.  Most are of cuts earned from slipping tools.  I am pretty careful with knives so those shots are fewer in number.  I have mentioned it here before, but as the number of posts increases repeating myself seems nearly unavoidable.  Please forgive me.

I can’t wait for my gallery show.  The cut hand pictures are all on one of two computers, but I haven’t organized the photos in one folder.  Some are probably hidden away, not to be rediscovered until I can tell my computer to search for a color–blood read here.  Can some programs do that already?  I just updated the operating systems on both of my computers so I now have new iPhoto programs with a face recognition feature.  I am to identify someone in a picture and the computer looks through all your pictures to find other instances of that face.  Sounds interesting but spooky.  I haven’t used it yet.  Not sure I will.

Most important things last.  I am overjoyed to learn that our state legislators and governor have voted to allow same sex marriages.  Our neighbors called us as soon as it passed.  They’ve wanted to get married for years but also wanted to wait until they could do it in their home state.  They are very loyal life-long New Yorkers.  It must have hurt mightily to watch the efforts to pass the legislation come up time and time again only to see it fail–until last night!  Hard not to take it as a big FU, right?  Does passing the legislation heal those wounds? Scar tissue will surely remain with them for life.  With all of us!  Happily a new generation of people can grow up and get married without thinking about the issue.  Maybe they can even take it for granted, as one should be able to take civil rights for granted (with an ear to the track to listen for warning sounds of approaching danger).  Anyway, best part is we will have a wedding to attend.  I can’t wait to witness the marriage of these two folks.  I don’t know a more loving, fun-loving and supportive couple.  They will make marriage look tasty in the same way they made committed life partnership look tasty.  It is all good, but equal is better.

Weekend now, so must get moving!  Yes!  Bye!


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  1. Oh man that watermelon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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