I have to say right up front that Lacey hates this tofu preparation.  I love it, though, so it appears in our house from time to time.  It is the place I go when I miss fried chicken.  Lacey never touched the stuff.  Maybe that (a) explains her aversion and (b) endorses the proximity of this dish to the other.

I got the recipe by entering into a recipe swap with a restaurant I used to frequent.  I promised I would not share their recipe, so I won’t.  To their recipe I add two or three ounces of Tapatio hot sauce and cut out a bunch of salt.  Brings me all the way to heaven.  I need to remember to add a load of black pepper.  For some reason, I have never added black pepper.  

Done, and OH HELL YES!  Fried chicken is really just a vehicle to deliver fat, salt and pepper, so tofu does just fine my me.



6 responses to “Tofu!

  1. where’s the recipe?

  2. OK,
    I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. I will never ever get to eat in the restaurant you refer to (I can only imagine) and even if I did spread the recipe around in my local circle (which I wouldn’t) it couldn’t impact the resto from way over here.
    So whadya say?
    How can you tempt us so and not serve it up? This could be the recipe that keeps me from ever going back to the dirty bird…

    • Ah! I wish I could help, but I gave my word and to me that is really serious business. I want to be helpful to vegans, too, though, so I googled a bit and came up with this recipe that is pretty darn close. Add to the wet part a shit ton of hot sauce and you will be most of the way there.

      Ok? Friends?

  3. Thanks, Mr. Putnam.
    That is a really fair & kind thing of you to do.
    I will be trying both the recipe you linked to and their Southern Fried variation.
    ‘Nuff respect for adhering to your word, and gratitude again for finding a way to share the wealth at the same time.

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