Pedaled the Specialized Allez (Go!) to the garden today.  It is a racer with steep angles and short chain stays.  No eyelets for rack or fenders.  One hundred pounds in the tires and it was ready to roll.

I’ve heard that some of the Specialized Allez frames and forks were made by 3Rensho.  I don’t think mine was.  The simplest country of origin tag ever.  Elegant.    

I half recalled hearing that the 3Rensho frames had wrap around seat stays, but I have looked a bit and none of them have that feature.  Instead, they used ramped seat stay caps like the ones on my frame.  

From here, I learn that the 3Rensho forks use an offset fork crown that places the centerline of the fork blade ahead of the headtube.  Not the case with mine.  Here is a picture of the offset 3Rensho fork crown.

I plucked this one from Craigslist.  I paid a price that was fair to both myself and the seller.  Low enough that I feel comfortable riding it often. 

If I were to bike up to Thompson’s Lake this summer, this is the bicycle I would pedal.

I just added a Concor saddle.  These are my favorite saddles for drop bar bicycles.  The ramped rear of the saddle helps me settle on a position.  Without that, if the saddle is narrow, I sometimes move back and forth looking for a sweet spot.  

I also love the very firm padding on these saddles.  You are up off the saddle.  No soft bits are bothered.  That’s the right answer for longer rides.

Cinelli bar, stem and grip tape.  Twined the ends (naturally).  I love the short reach on this Campione del Mondo model.  Deep drops, though.  Probably won’t spend much time down there.  Sorry that this picture shows none of that.  Trust me, ok? 

Specialized branded crankset.  Don’t know if they made it or had it made, but it is a beauty.  Looks similar to high end SunTour cranks of the period.

SunTour parts aplenty.  Superbe.  Not Superbe Pro.  One down from the top helps me feel better about riding the bicycle.  The top end Superbe Pro parts sometimes feel a little too special to me.  That derailleur cable and ferrule
seem a little dodgy.  Funny what you see when you bother to take pictures of a bicycle.  I think maybe the ferrule needs to come off the cable to allow the cable to seat in the cable stop.   Another day.

Dirty tires.  The soil is sandy in the park.  Covered in anthills, too.  I can’t cross the field without turning the lives of hundreds of ants upside down.

I added new Specialized tires with a flat strip and reflective sidewalls.  They can be pumped up to 125 psi (8.5 bar!), but remember that rims have a limit.  Pretty sure these would be fine at that pressure, but some modern clinchers can be pumped up very high.  Like 150 if my memory serves.  This can exceed the pressure for which a rim was designed.  Sidewalls of rims can come apart, especially if the rim is worn from braking.  

I love Saturne rims.  These were the house brand of Specialized.  I’ve always called them Saturae, but I now see that the second A is really a stylized N.  I had them on my Faggin.  Glad to still have a set in the stable.  They work well for a long time.  Their name dropped between the spokes looks great.  As do the small stickers.  

Here is a 1984 ad for the rims from here.  Looks like the HC20 sticker means my rims are 20mm wide.  The ones in the ad are 19s and weighed 400 grams.  For comparison, the current Mavic Open Pro rims weigh 430 grams.  

Pedaled home quickly.  I was already sick of the sun and the route I took was traffic rich.

Noise!  Small displacement motorbike dominates the audio track.  I suffered for only a few seconds.  The rider gets to suffer every moment.  Things quiet down at the end and I can hear myself breathing.  It is a long straight stretch and I pushed harder on the pedals than is usual.  It felt good for a time.

Enjoyed noticing this light fixture in the park.  I hope the designer is proud of their work.  I think it is really attractive.  How is that for a blue sky?

Speaking of blue skies, I didn’t get to play disc golf today.  My partner wasn’t available.  Oh well.  The next game will be all the more special for having waited.

Stopped at an estate sale on the way home.  I found this wonderful unglazed ceramic dutch oven.  I think this one was used to cook meats (or maybe the reddish staining is tomato sauce–exactly–thats what I will believe).  I will get over it.

Isn’t it strange that they have pictures of animals that may have been cooked in it?  Happy critters on the farm (except the cow seems to be missing a leg–farms can be dangerous places).  Not so happy in the dutch oven.  The picture is kind of a lie, too.  Would you buy a dutch oven with a depiction of the inside of a factory farming operation?  Bad business idea number 576.

My bread guru recommends these for bread and I have never had one.  It can be soaked in water and when bread is enclosed in it, the bread gets a nice steamy bake to develop a good crispy crust.  I can’t wait to try it out.

They are still made.  Most I see come from Germany.  I have been waiting to buy one locally, but the local kitchen store never has the shape I need.  They might have ordered one for me, but I have never asked.  They are kind of unfriendly to me.  I have been in there about forty times and they’ve never once greeted me.  They greet everyone else.  I have bought plenty there, too.  It is not just them, though.  It is something I often experience.  Lot’s of clerks/proprietors blow me off.  Not sure why, but I have come to expect and accept it.  When I am greeted, I get all excited.  All kinds of people.



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