Another Day

Yesterday morning I completed my version of a triathlon.  Lawn mowing (I can’t swim, so this event fills in–the reel lawnmower and thick spring grass conspire to give my shoulders and legs a run for their money), biking to community garden to water and dog walking.  All before 10:00.  I was wrecked.  Today I took it easy with a biathlon (skipped the lawn mowing). 

Pedaled the Atlantis to the garden.  The Atlantis has to be the most common uncommon bicycle.  It is just too good not to have one.  The Schwalbe Marathons are huge and heavy, but pumped up to 80 they feel fast and fun and I will be shocked if I ever get a flat or wear one out.

The mustache bars are great, but prevent or make difficult the use of a handlebar bag or a basket.  Many mustache bar users install a front rack to get around this shortcoming.

See the valve stem lined up with the Phil logo?  I built these wheels and am proud to follow this noble tradition.  Note the Pitlock skewers.  Special goodness from here

The drive train is simple and reliable.  Campagnolo front deraileur, Shimano Crane rear and Sugino cranks.

I love the Crane.  Simple and beautiful.  No screen printed logos back in the day.

Dirty Paul’s.  Horrors! 

Vintage Brooks Professional.  Kind of narrow for this upright bicycle, but I like it.  The American Classic seatpost is one of my favorites.

Washing the green garlic (bottom) and green onions.  I thought the green onions were just more green garlic, but the roots were different, so I think I have two things here.

I love inky blackness of soaking black beans.  The picture, though, is kind of a snooze.  I’ll include it anyway.  Maybe you need a nap.

Walking Frida involves stopping to let her eat leaves.  Beech tree leaves are her favorite, but she eats a few other varieties as well.  She pukes if she eats too much grass, but never leaves.  

The cottonwood is just finishing covering our corner of the world with cottony seeds.

I love the rough hewn granite storm drain water receivers.  Each is different, but all are interesting.  Some neighborhoods here have granite curbs, too.  Aren’t we fancy?  

Do you have a dog but no Gulpy?  I won’t walk Frida in the Summer without one.  Buy three.  The drink tray breaks if dropped from even waist high.  They’ll last forever if you don’t drop them, but I seem to drop one about once a year.



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