Thirty Degrees

Temperature, that is.  That is how many we lost overnight.  I put on a hoodie and pedaled the ANT Alfine scorcher to the community garden.

Mike spent a lot of time finishing this frame, as it was entered in a contest.  

His work is evident in clean welds everywhere.

I also enjoy the collars placed to finish the ends of tubes and lend a bit of extra strength.

Sliding drop outs.

Rising sun D rack.



The garden is doing great.  A row of radishes look particularly handsome.





The tin box on the ANT carried home oregano and strawberries.

The D rack carried home green garlic and radish greens (it was time to thin the row).

Pedaling home.  Turn your volume down first.  So loud!  If only everyone delivered goods by bicycle.  Then you’d be able to hear how quiet this bicycle is.  Quite a feat in light of it being fully accessorized.  The more you add to a bicycle, the more you need to work to keep it quiet.  Mike did a great job.  I have to tighten this and that once in awhile, but I am always discovering a new grommet tucked between metal bits.

Green garlic cleaned up.

Radish greens cleaned up.

Savory breakfast.  Lacey had opened an avocado and left half to weather the air.  It was too pretty to let go.  I should do this more often.

Dinner last night was wonderful.  Kidney beans done Indian style on brown rice.  Couldn’t have been easier.  Get the Indian Vegan Kitchen!Take care!



2 responses to “Thirty Degrees

  1. Quality living, Mr. P! I could use a few lessons!

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