Opposite of Gardening

I pull dandelions.  Not because I have it out for them.  My neighbors spray for them.  I don’t spray, so if I didn’t pull them, I fear my yard would be the despised supplier of dandelion seeds.  When I keep up with it, it only requires about 15 minutes a day.  I actually enjoy it.  A win for me is to get the entire root.  That happens about half the time.  Yesterday, in one instance, I outdid myself.

Almost 23 inches of root!  That one won’t be coming back.  Small victories.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the first Mexican grocery in town (of which I am aware).  It was perfect.  So happy to have them in town.  They had at least a dozen varieties of dried chiles.  Now I can check my recipes for Thai curry pastes and easily get all the right chiles.  It is going to be great, I tell you.

I didn’t know which chiles to buy when I was there, so I bought some ancho chiles, a bag of masa and some corn husks.  Came home and put together my first tamales.  I used the Veganomicon recipe for everything but the filling.  For that, I started by making a salsa with dried new mexico chiles, dried ancho chiles, onions, tomato sauce, stock, oregano, cilantro and salt.  I didn’t have any tomatillos, so I added the juice of a lime.  Sautéed and blended, it came together nicely.

I fried seitan and onions with cumin, salt and pepper and then mixed with the salsa and corn to make the filling.

The tamale batter comes together easily by mixing with the limed corn meal some stock, oil, baking powder and salt.  Assembly wasn’t tough either.  I pretty quickly had a pot filled with about twenty tamales.

Fifty minutes in the steam and they were done.  About two hours total.  Not all of them looked this nice when opened.  Some had larger gaps in the corn meal mix so that the insides were more outside, but they all tasted the same.

The filling looked good and the tamales were pretty darn good.  Can’t say I have had better (since going vegan).  Lacey said a clients mom made for her once tamales with pineapple filling.  That sounds wonderful.  I am thinking pumpkin, too.  Maybe also just onion and Diaya.  Next times!

Disc golf today went well.  I threw a 62, my new personal best by one stroke.  All threes and fours.  My game is usually made or broken by the number of fives I get, and this scorecard saw none.  I was pretty nervous by the end and missed some fairly makable putts that could have dropped me to a 59.  No matter.  Just keeping the fives at arm’s length was amazing for me.

Also enjoyed getting to stare at a baby fox staring at me, too.  So cute!  My friend got a picture on his phone, but the picture was too tiny to see anything.  Imagine a baby fox peering out of a tiny cave opening.  Then imagine the same baby fox sitting up outside the opening and staring at you.  There you have it.

The beet seeds are up at the community garden.  They took their sweet time so I was getting a bit nervous.  I always get nervous.  Just ask Lacey.  I’ve been living the cycle for at least fifteen years now and every time I am sure entire sets of veggies are going to crash.  Hand wringing and frequent checking ensue.  Things do sometimes bomb (okra was a bust last year, as were the blighted tomatoes two years ago), but so rarely.  Most often most seeds and seedlings do well and the problem is one of overabundance.  An old story.

How about a new one?  Walking Frida to the pond today, an old man (wearing really sweet green poly pants–I was seriously jealous) pointed at Frida and said “pretty bike.”  I assumed his pointer was aimed poorly and looked for the bike.  None to be seen.  He said “I know bike is not the right word.”  I laughed when I realized he meant Frida.  I like his style.  Correct noun use is overrated.  After I got around the pond, he had collected his sweet ten speed.  Threw a leg over it.  Steadied himself.  Slowly pedaled down the sidewalk.  How often do you get to see an old man on a ten speed?  It warmed by heart.  I hope I am pedaling that well when I reach his age.

Tomorrow I will install the trailer hitch receiver on the Honda Fit and then mount the platform bicycle rack.  It all showed up yesterday.  Top notch stuff.  I feel like a little boy on Christmas morning.  I can’t wait to share it with you.

Be well.


2 responses to “Opposite of Gardening

  1. Fun! I finally scratched the itch to make Tamales myself just last week. No conquistadors will occupy my backyard while I am running on masapower!

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