Tale of Two Parks

Started in Schenectady in Central Park for a round of disc golf.  We were invited by a friend originally from Schenectady.  There we were introduced to two new friends.  They used to live by the Discraft factory in Michigan and have been playing for years.  It showed.  Although they don’t play often, they fell back into awesomeness really quickly.  It is a tough course, but we all had our moments.  

Equipment check.

In the bucket!

Powerful driving!


Enjoying the fruits of a good drive.It really is a great course.  Populated, but a little patience and care and everyone gets along just fine.

Later that afternoon, we pedaled to see the Cold Ward Kids at Albany’s Washington Park.  The park looked great with all the tulips up.  Great show, too.  Last time I saw the Cold Ward Kids at a small cafe on a college campus.  They were opening for Two Gallants.  Lacey and I were two of maybe six in the audience (I think it was Spring Break for the college).  I sat outside on a picnic bench with the lead singer from the Cold War Kids between bands and swapped stories.  Can’t get better than that.  The Cold Ward Kids were just as exciting all these years later, but the show wasn’t what you’d call intimate.  Had to be a thousand plus people in the park.  We left early because that is what we like doing.  Even easier to do when the concert you leave is free.

Ended the night in our back yard with our neighbors, Johnny Walker Red and a fire.  Quite a day.  Tough to top.  Time to try.


2 responses to “Tale of Two Parks

  1. Love that CWK’s song “Something Is Not Right with Me,” one of my favorites from a couple of years ago. And good scotch certainly helps to cap off a good day : ) Cheers!

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