Last Refuge

I am too tired to do anything but move around the internet.  I found this eBay seller of rare funk albums.  From each auction you can stream the complete album.  Just now I am listening to Uncle Funkenstein’s Together Again.  Amazing.  Picture from the seller’s eBay store.  

I am guessing it is legal to post a ripped LP as a means to allow buyers to preview the quality of an LP you own and are selling.  At the same time, it is surely illegal and certainly lame to download the file and keep it.  I feel ok listening to it once and then tossing the file, so that is what I’ll do.  Don’t steal music, ok?  Musicians gotta eat.

Other musical tidbits.  Search for Joy Division in the iTunes Store and this is what you get.  See grey bar near the top.

How do search engines guess you’ve made a typo and where you probably wanted to go?  I would have thought they cataloged common search engine typos and then linked them to the most common destination after the searcher gathered their bearings.  Maybe not, though, as it can’t be possible that more people visiting the iTunes store and typing Joy Division want this.  Worse still, the Soy Division that iTunes is trying to direct us toward is not the band I found on YouTube, but instead a developer of apps including titles such as What Color is your Personality and Are You a Good Lover.  Weak!

I am giving into relaxing today.  Based on nothing but the magical flute work exhibited by Russell Webster (Uncle Funkenstein), I have to believe at least one person would forgive me.  Here’s to hoping my energy comes back soon.  Hope you had a good weekend.


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