Ever Ask Why?

I did today as soon as I clicked on this link.  The questioning became more urgent as I scrolled down the page.  I guess I will still cook, eat and maybe even blog about it, but it is pretty hard to feel anything but fair to middling when you encounter greatness of this magnitude.  Humility is good, sure, but maybe not a dump truck load of it all at once!  I won’t hold a grudge if you spend precious spare minutes there, rather than here (I am going to be there regularly).

Pedaled water to the community garden for the seeds and seedlings and then picked up a growler of Samuel Adams Rustic Saison.  Excited to try it.  Maybe tomorrow night.  Meant to buy Magic Hat Vinyl, which was a good deal at $4.99 for a half gallon (5 .3 twelve-ounce beers).  Others noticed and it was gone.   The Samuel Adams was $10.99.  Not a steal at almost twice the price of the bottled beer.  I guess I should have just put the growler back in my bag empty and grabbed a six.   What is up with this?  It can’t be cheaper to bottle the stuff than to send out a reusable keg.  Growlers are fun, but they should be priced fairly to encourage their purchase.  I should mention that all motoring folks were super sweet whilst I pedaled.  

Made my boring old cookies.  Threw a 67 at Joralemon (good for me in windy conditions).  Picked dandelions.  Arrghh!  Why?!!!

Oh.  Go here and submit an entry.  Thanks to Chris for giving us a heads up here.  You know, with all your spare time.  Don’t read the other submissions if you mean to enter.  You can tell some folks did and couldn’t resist lifting words or even phrases from others.  I didn’t and was glad.  I  went for an adventure theme.  I opened a dictionary for the x word.  It was fun.



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