Johnny Cash Lives

From here.  “CORVALLIS, Ore. — A 65-year-old Oregon man has been convicted of public indecency for riding his bicycle through a Corvallis park while nude. The Gazette-Times reports that David Owen Lamb told arresting officers he found riding without clothes “exciting.” But during his trial, Lamb, who served as his own legal representative, argued he did not have the intent to sexually arouse himself or anyone else in the park and along the bike path. Among the witnesses was Benton County Sheriff Diana Simpson, who had been running along the bike path with her husband, Bret Godfrey. A judge sentenced Lamb to 20 days in jail after a Benton County jury found him guilty on Tuesday.”

They say retiring can be difficult.  That you need a plan.  They never say what the plan should include or not include.  I’ll consider this plan off my list.   I’ll be keeping my clothes on (when I pedal–in Corvallis), thank you.  While I suspect the Benton County jail has both coffee and barbells, I have little faith they are as delightful as mine.



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