Sometimes I wonder why I do this, or why so often.  I remind myself it is optional.  Then the day flows along and so many things happen.  Next thing I know I am back at the keyboard.  Kind of nice to sit and rest and reflect on what when down.

What went down?  I went to the community garden to plant kale seedlings and seeds for beets, radishes and snow peas.  I waited longer this year and am pretty confident the delay will be a good thing.  I’ve found no real benefit in getting things in the ground too early.  The soil is cold and the sun weak so early plants languish and maybe survive until the weather improves at which point they start growing for reals.  Also wanted to wait until they turned on the water, so I was glad to see the hose there when I arrived.  When the water isn’t on, pedaling gallons of water to the garden isn’t fun.  Got everything in and went to get the hose.  The water isn’t on.  Looks like I will be carrying water there for a while.

On the way there I found a nice pair of pruning shears in the middle of the street.  I asked the yard crews on both sides of the street if the shears belonged to them.  They didn’t claim them, so into my pocket they went.  Not very Albany of me.  Near as I can tell I am supposed to leave them on the street until the rightful owner claims them, but I can’t shake the old me that says what really happens is the next person brave enough to stop and pick them up from the middle of Western Avenue gets them.

Also on the way there I dumpster dove a nice bolt of blue vinyl.  Same place from which I plucked the red vinyl over a year ago.  All I have to do is buy an industrial sewing machine.  On the list!

After planting, I practiced tossing some new lighter disc golf drivers.  Most of my drivers are over 170 grams.  The heavy weights are good for windy conditions, but when it is still a lighter disc can go farther.  Two of the new ones are 167 grams and the third is 150 grams.  I am enjoying the 150 gram Surge.  I can make it go pretty straight and far without much effort.  Should be fun to get to know it.  The XL is good, too.  Not much different than the drivers I have already, though.  The Orc is strange.  The design of the lip makes it hard to throw forehands.  Kind of hurts actually.  Backhands are fine, but the thing has a nasty hooky flight.  It will come in useful when I need to go around something, though, so I will keep it in the bag.

Got home and noticed the chain was getting pretty loose on the ANT Light Roadster.  No wheel slip is possible since I added the MKS wheel tensioners, so it had to be chain wear.  Sure enough, the tool dropped into place on the 0.75% wear side of the tool (the more conservative of the two measurements), so it is time to replace the chain.  Buy a chain checker.  You can’t tell by looking (the old chain is below–looks almost new).

I’m kinda happy to have worn out a chain.  I used to wear them out all the time, but it was when I had only a few bicycles and rode tons.  Now that I have so many bicycles and ride fewer miles, I can’t remember the last time I needed to replace a chain.  It also helps that I keep the chains clean and well lubricated and seldom ride in the wet.  Anyway, the ANT is three years old and I finally wore out the chain.  Glad to have evidence that I am really using my bicycles.  Sometimes I wonder.  Not enough to keep track of miles or anything.  Mystery is good.

I received a notice that Andrew Bird is playing the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall in Troy New York on October 13, 2011.  This is a big deal.  I love Andrew Bird and the Troy Music Hall is supposed to be a great place to see live music.  Great acoustics.  Haven’t been there yet, so I am excited to listen for myself.  Pre-sale now through Andrew Bird’s site, and sale to the public on Friday.

The garden yielded green garlic, so I think I will make a garlic and oil sauce for pasta tonight.

That’s it.  Good thing, too, as I am bushed.  Be well!


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