Time to Order Chocolates

I need to get here and order some chocolates.  That, or continue to come up with ways to combine chocolate chips, marshmallows and graham crackers.

Today I came up with S’more Barbells.  Got the idea from the TV, but for some reason the candy maker there took the long way around by rolling marshmallows in melted chocolate and then rolling the chocolate in broken hard candy made with graham cracker flavoring.  Maybe they are just trying to be different.  Maybe the results are awesome.  I am satisfied to go the easy route and just use graham cracker crumbs.  I also added a marshmallow on both ends of the toothpick.  Fifty percent fewer toothpicks are wasted and I get to use the cute name.

The cork grip repair went well.  As I started, I realized a piece of the grip was missing.  No worries, thought I, I’ll just make a cork plug from a wine cork and orient the grip with that side down.

Got pretty close, but knew the original piece had to be around.  Looked a second time, found it, and it was obviously a much better fit.

I used Shoe Goo to repair the grip and immediately glued the grip to the bar with spray adhesive.  It would have been better to glue the grip back together and let it dry and then adhere the grip to the bar, but I thought the grip would have a better chance of keeping its shape on the bar (and I have no patience), so I did it all at once.  Occurred to me later I could have let the Shoe Gooed grip dry on the bar without the spray on adhesive and then remove it to apply the adhesive and fix it in place, but it is done, feels secure and looks pretty good.  Not a museum quality repair, but the grip isn’t on a museum quality bicycle (just ribbing, Mike).

After I took the above-picture I smeared some Elmer’s over the cracks to fill them in and lend a little more strength.  Looks better still.  Only time will tell if the repair is durable.  [Update:  See tips here, from the world of fly fishing.]  If the grip disintegrates, I will take both grips off and put on a sweet pair of black Oury grips that are waiting in my drawer.  

Might not make as much sense aesthetically on this bicycle (although the package does say they are stylish so who am I to argue), but I am a huge fan of well formulated rubber grips like the Ourys.  Makes me feel like a BMXer whether I can pull a tabletop or not.  Still made in the USA, too!

Big fan of ODI Mushrooms, too.  

Love the grippy ribs.  

Not sure whether the ODIs are made here.  Probably were at one time, but I can’t find any information on their site, so I am guessing they’ve moved production overseas.   

Yesterday I did what I told myself I wouldn’t do again.  I removed the paint from two more of our General Electric Air Wall Registers.  Such a huge pain, but the results are so satisfying.  The bedroom paint job is now complete.  I have five more of these registers in our home all covered in paint.  We’ll see if I can resist the urge to make them pretty, too.

Time to pedal to the store.  I am kind of dizzy from all the sugar in the two barbells I ate.  It will probably help to turn the pedals some.

Awesome bar mitzvah this weekend.  Photo booth was a big hit with Lacey and her family.  

Take care.


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