Sunday started with a tofu scramble melt and a blueberry smoothie.

Pedaled with Lacey to the nearest tennis court to try out the new racket. The ever important honeymoon shots went well. They sounded good and went where they were intended to go. As such, my opinion of the racket is positive. My opinion of my skills is not so positive. No matter. We had fun.

I enjoyed wearing a ridiculous outfit consisting of yellow Izod tennis shorts, a baby blue collared knit shirt, a red white and blue terry wrist band (with zippered key stash) and a black terry headband. No pictures. Think Easter. Think very white legs. Think tennis balls flying out of the fence. There you have it. I was basically asking myself what would the folks in our new Vail poster wear to play tennis.  Luckily I had a few items that let me realize my imaginations.  I hope to use their inspiration to punch up my clothing choices going forward.  Wish me luck.

None of the Nitto bar plugs I find are engraved with the Nitto name. Our friend, then, has something special. Good for her!

Hope your Sunday is going well.



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