Passover won’t keep me from my special weekend breakfast of gravy on toast.  Matzoh is easily ground back into flour, then comes the roux and a whisk of soymilk with salt, pepper, red pepper and paprika.  No toast, so matzoh.  No fake sausage (wheat gluten), so mushrooms and spinach.  Not too bad (but next weekend can’t come soon enough).

UPS delivered the new TV on the Radio LP yesterday.  I was out playing disc golf (another very encouraging 65) when it arrived.  Our local record store rarely has what I want.  TVOTR’s site doesn’t sell LPs.  Interscope Records doesn’t retail LPs.  To Amazon I went, on Earth Day this lovely example of oversized packaging arrived in our house.  

Seems like a wonderful album, but my first listen was the downloaded mp3s at low volume on computer speakers.  I am very excited to fire up the hifi tonight and give it a proper listening at modestly excessive volumes.

The new light golf discs were not impressive in my hands.  I will have to give them another try when I am not keeping score.

Raining today, so grocery shopping and cooking will fill my day.  You?

Sorry I am so quiet.  Just hung up with my mom.  She told me a story about my grandma that has left me feeling sad and alone (even though my loving wife is in the next room).  Grandma lived alone for 40 years in a little bungalow.  She’d lay in bed at night with a flashlight beside her.  When she needed to get up she’d use the flashlight rather than turn on a light because she was afraid people would see that she was alone.  She was scared living alone.  Grandma didn’t tell anyone this until after she was in a nursing home.  Didn’t want us to worry.  Mom said how she is scared on the very few nights she spends alone.  I have felt that, too.  Anyway, time to go cherish my time with Lacey.  If you have another, please do the same.

It wasn’t all downers.  My parents are going to visit my dad’s old neighborhood.  Dad mentioned his recollected love for Weber Root Beer.  Looks like he can relive that dream.  Cute place.  I’d get tots and Root Beer and be as happy as can be.  Hoping for some sun later today to chase away my  blues.  I’ll have a root beer, too.



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