Catch and Release

So I had this great idea.  I was going out shopping and one of the stops would be the Goodwill.  I wanted to find a picture frame for a craft project Lacey just finished.  I also wanted to spend some time there looking around.  Always fun, but I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t bring anything home.  What to do when you find a deal on something awesome but don’t need any more stuff in your life? That was my big idea.  Catch and release.  I brought my camera and was going to document the great finds, throw them up here, but bring nothing home.  Great idea, right?  Window shopping and sharing but no acquiring.  Please feel free to run with it.  Send me your best finds.  Didn’t work for me though.  I found this (for $4.99) and brought it home. 

It is too wonderful to take apart to reuse the frame.  The frame, too, is great.  All professional aluminum and heavy.  When I bought it I told myself I’d give it to someone.  Had someone in mind even.  Then I thought of a second person who would enjoy it.  Then I moved a photo in our kitchen to make room for this and hung it up.  I am hopeless.

Also bought four disc golf discs.  Light drivers (hoping to increase my distance on still days).  Catch and release my butt!  I am hopeless!   Also bought a new to me tennis racket.  Mine is from high school, so it was time.  This one rocks.  Looked it up on line and it might be a $330 dollar racket.  It was used and priced at $30.  Not so bad.  Fun even.  Also bought white out, a denim patch, dress hooks (to repair one of Lacey’s frocks) and curved upholstery needles and upholstery thread (to repair a vinyl seat cushion that has split at the seam).  No oops there.  Those things were the real point of my journey.  Maybe even eco, as I will be keeping stuff out of the landfill.

That’s my Earth Day.  Kind of weak.  I hope yours was a bit more respectful.


2 responses to “Catch and Release

  1. Jasper Millhone

    Hi Randy I love your blog it’s AMAZING I can’t wait to see you again.

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