The Slog

Two full days of Passover have passed and I am still enjoying it. Blessed be she (by she I mean no one in particular).

Last night I made a black bean enchilada casserole. I spread a thin layer of enchilada sauce (made from Veganomicon’s recipe for potato kale enchiladas) in a 9″ x 13″ glass oven dish and then layered two sheets of matzoh, a thin layer of sauce, refried blackbeans (made from a quart of cooked blackbeans), a thin layer of sauce, two more matzoh, thin sauce, cooked pumpkin, orange Daiya (nearly the whole bag), two more matzoh and finally a heavy layer of sauce (a quart of sauce amongst the various layers). Great ingredients, but my expectations were low. Matzoh casserole sounds terrible, but when you are vegan and sort of keeping Passover, an open mind is essential. [Forgive me my food photography under florescent lights.  At least you can be sure the picture contains what I say it does.]

Baked the dish at 350. At 20 minutes it was bubbling, so I was pretty sure the Daiya had melted (it had). I didn’t want the matzoh to lose all structure, so out of the oven it came. The matzoh was still toothsome and the whole thing was very yummy. Next time I might go one more layer, the extra being rice or even blanched and well drained spinach.

Hooray for vegan Passover creations (must have come on the eighth, ninth or even tenth day, once the reporters lost all interest in the story). I now am encouraged to try a matzoh lasagna. Oy!

Even if the food is going well (big thanks again to Lagusta for her choco matzoh toffee, which is tops alone but also nifty atop coconut ice cream), I am a little concerned about my pace while traveling trough heaven’s anteroom (more commonly recognized as Manischewitz). With six days to go, only half of the magnum remains.

I don’t cherish Manischewitz simply as a vehicle for delivery of a kosher buzz. We aren’t that strict (and there are obviously kosher wines that play in a field other than the land of syrupy sweetness). I love it just for what it is.

See, we don’t restrict our diet to kosher for passover items. While we deprive ourselves of most non-matzoh grains, we have adopted the Sephardic exception allowing rice (forgive me for pushing Lacey there–she is Ashkenazic). We don’t drink beer, but non-kosher wine is consumed. Potato vodka would suit me fine, but I have only Tito’s in the house (which I think is all corn). Maybe corn is cool (with us), too. We’ll have to shoot for it (a rabbi in two fists). [Cruel juxtaposition of beer and kosher wine, no?]

Even so, I’d rather have the sweet wine around for the week–I do so enjoy it. Not enough to buy a second bottle, though. Maybe I need to limit myself to one small glass a day (Lacey is already over it and onto the French stuff).

Also polished off the first box of Streit’s matzoh. We typically go through three boxes and are on pace to hit or pass that target this year. Figures that we’d up our intake the year I bought a five pack (it was cheaper than buying three individual boxes) and gave away two boxes to a friend. I’ll not mention Murphy and his cruel law in this post.

Instead, in this season of questions, I will add another. Is all Streit’s matzoh made on Rivington Street in NYC? Seems like a yes! Lacey toured Streit’s many years ago. Gaze with me upon the magic. Eight million boxes a year!

I have never noticed the logo stamped into the boxes. Fancy. Has it always been there?

So easy to be positive with only two days under our belts. Check back to watch the inevitable mood decline!

This helps momentarily.


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