Found This

Found this here.  Surprised, delighted, amazed and a few other things for which words escape me.  I will be returning to the first link.  I am a fairly regular reader of the second.  I recommend not only watching the video from the first link, but then scrolling down to the still picture of the french toast.  Having watched the video, I am certain the tint is intentional.  Sitting with it for a second, it even makes sense.  I would have probably been more surprised to see a straight up shot in natural colors.  What else?  I love that the guest chefs have “(vegan)” appended to their names.  I should start putting that on name tags and business cards.  I also love the multiple language subtitles.  The name of the site should be well savored, too!  Oh Supreme Master TV, how I adore you!  Question is, after this Passover thing, well, passes, will I head straight to Supreme Master TV or to Lagusta’s recipe here?   They are similar.  You know where my loyalties lie, though.

Right, then!  Me starting a solo ride to Saratoga a couple of summers ago.  Could have used a better headlight for the ride home in the dark.  Had everything else dialed in. 

I almost never wear gloves but I almost never ride over twenty miles at a time.  The medal is a watch which belonged to my neighbor’s mom.  Good luck and it keeps time.  That is as much data as I want when I pedal.  It all went well.  Maybe I even already blogged about it.  I don’t recall.  Too many posts now to review!

In other news, I was pretty sure I was blocked from commenting on a blog I read most every day.  I rarely comment and when I do most of my comments are polite and boring (you read my blog–are you surprised?).  In a few instances, however,  I have registered something headed in the direction of respectful disagreement.  So in recent days I tried to comment a number of times and got an error message.  Something like “We can’t honor your request a this time.”  Huh.  Paranoia being one of my better developed mental states, I went straight from A to Z and wrote the owner of the blog to ask if I had been blocked.  She wrote back quickly and said she has trouble with the site, too.  Long comments and comments that take too long to compose sometimes time out and the error message is generated.  All my comments are long and take long to generate!  She suggested that comments be composed elsewhere and then copied into the field and submitted.  Who knew?  Great tip from a great blogger.   Thanks, friend!  Paranoia–why can’t I quit you?

Need more TV?  Or course you don’t, but here it is.  I have been watching a bit of Yupp TV on our Roku.  Indian TV of all sorts is there, but I head straight for the music videos.  Unrelated but delightful collage from here.

In researching for this post I found Yupp TV on the web, too, but they require registration to view some of the channels.  They surely get all that from me as a registered Roku user, but I don’t feel like registering again just to get it on the laptop.  I do see they have an app for Apple devices.  No Roku and no Apple devices?  This will have to tide you over.

As much as I love this, it is about five yards over the border into all too silly land (even so 16 million views).  How about a little world class tabla from Sahil Patel (real talent and less than 10 thousand views)?  Unfamiliar with tabla?  No attention span?  Skip to 0:41 to see the deliverance of the goods.  Better though to sit back, start form the beginning and enjoy the big smile and the beautiful hair until you get to 0:41 (at which time I recommend you hold on tight).

Bicycles?  We have a new or soon to be opened trail in the area.  Word is that the surface is soft so only pedestrians and mountain bicycles are allowed.  There was a soft surface trail in Iowa that I used to frequent.  They posted a sign that asked users not to use the trail when it was soft to prevent the formation of ruts.  I wish such a sign could be posted here instead of allowing only peds and mountain bikes.  The signs would be more effective than the proposed restrictions.  Some mountain bikes have skinny tires.  Some peds wear stiletto heels.  At the Iowa trail, most people respected the request to stay off the trail when it was soft.  A few would try.  I’d find ruts for maybe half a mile but the perps would get tired and turn around.  Ride more than a mile and it was all smooth all the time.  The trail here is more urban with more on and off points.  You’d never be able to outride the rutted sections (if people decided to ignore the signs).  That said, I have more trust in the people here.  I think the signs would work.  Besides, who is going to police the restriction?  Commuters are going to want to use the trail and they won’t want to be on a mountain bike for most of the ride.  Do you think my Atlantis would qualify?  It was nice fat tires, but funny bars.  What do I do?  It is all silly.  Consider the Iowa signs!

Friday is just around the corner!


5 responses to “Found This

  1. I don’t know this for sure, but if you’re talking about the Albany County Rail Trail, I suspect that they say it’s opening to “pedestrians and mountain bikes” not to exclude other kinds of bikes but because it’d be hard to ride with a road bike. The surface is uneven (dirt/ grass/ rocks/ broken glass) and in some places has quite deep gravel. They may be specifying mountain bikes just so people don’t expect to go out and find a paved path or something.

    • Thanks for writing! I am talking about the ACRT. Last year I pedaled a skinny tired road bike there with no problem. Recently, I received an email forwarding a report regarding the opening of a portion of the trail. The following is from that report:

      “Due to the fragile nature of the trail surface, only pedestrians and mountain bikes will be allowed.”

      If the report is accurate, even though I am comforable riding a road bike there I wouldn’t feel right doing so. Here is to hoping it is inaccurate.

      • I confirmed that the intent is not to exclude other bikes. (“Fragile nature” is mentioned to explain why no ATVs, etc.) However, it will not officially be open to any bikes without a bit more work than is required to open it to pedestrians (a few guardrails, increased width in some areas, etc.). This is not enforced; people have been walking/ biking on it for years. So I’d say that if you want to stay off it because the County officially says you can’t go on it yet, that makes sense, but don’t stay off it for fear of damaging the trail.

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  3. That’s awesome! Thank you! I am on your team and will pedal it with respect and love. I love pedaling! Have a great weekend.

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