Magnum of Mani

Happy Passover!  Seder tonight!  I pedaled to the store to get the ingredients for moussaka, charoset and tsimis and the items to fill a seder plate.  We have a plastic Easter egg (oh my!) to stand in for the egg and I carve a shank bone from a carrot.  The mousaka is in the fridge and needs only 30 minutes in the oven.  I’ll wait on the charoset and the tsimis (seder isn’t until 7:00).  Pedaled a second time to get the Manischewitz.  I have loved Manischewitz ever since Lacey and I brown bagged a bottle on the steps of the library at Columbia University.  Young love!

Prepared some horseradish from a big ‘ol root from the co-op.  Know how to prepare horseradish root?  Peel then grate the root (I enjoy using a Microplane ginger grater), wait about five minutes (the longer it sits the stronger it gets), then mix in some white vinegar (this stops stops it from getting stronger), salt to taste and water (if needed to arrive at a desired consistency).  Done.  I’ve been enjoying dipping oven fries in a mixture of horseradish and fako mayo.  Heaven!  [Me telecommuting from NYC a few years ago.  Who needs an office?]

The presents for the ANT Light Roadster are in Illinois just now.  Wednesday arrival.

Be well!


2 responses to “Magnum of Mani

  1. I believe Manischewitz in a brown paper bag also got you in trouble with the po-po in Omaha. I feel partially responsible since I found you the digs for that summer.

    • Si! I made my one and only court appearance in connection therewith (as a perp). No hard feelings whatsoever. Still grateful for your assistance. I loved that apartment what with Ace’s Liquor around the corner and oh so convenient month to month leases. If you are near your computer, hop onto iChat. I want to catch up!

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