Those Southerners

Some folks we are getting to know hosted an opening in New Paltz last evening at Team Love RavenHouse Gallery.  It was really special evening with beautiful photographs by Butch Hogan and sweet sounds from David Dondero, Russell Dungan (cover of Justice of the Unicorns forthcoming album below–effectively eliminating my final objection barring a full back tattoo–suitable artwork) and Willie Mason.

Nothing like spending an evening with a sweet and supportive group sharing stories, talents and beer.  Even got to see a friend from Omaha.  His smile will warm me up until the sun takes over (and his new album drops).  Even snuck in a brief bicycle configuration consult as we were walking out the door.  Good to be useful–hoping I was.

Be sure to stop into the gallery when you are in New Paltz.  Tell them I tried to discourage your visit but that their reputation trumps mine without taking it out of P.

Also enjoyed a meal with pallie eL preceded by a tour of the soon to be world headquarters for Bluestocking Bonbons.

Oh hell.  The sun is out.  That will make it so very uncomfortable to stay inside and watch the third episode of Mad Men from disc one of the fourth season and stuff choco matzoh toffee in my pie hole.  Tough living, today.

p.s.  My paragraph separators are back!


2 responses to “Those Southerners

  1. woo hoo!!! so rad to see ya!

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