Eating Seeds

Lovely roasted pumpkin seeds, just now.  The seeds are from a pumpkin from a volunteer vine in my back yard.  Looking at the bowl, there must be a couple of hundred seeds in there.  

Each seed has the potential to make, what, five pumpkins?  One pumpkin roasted equals four servings of vegetables.  One seed, then, makes 20 servings of veggies.  Two hundred seeds could be 4,000 servings of veggies.  They won’t, though, ’cause I am going to eat them over the course of this afternoon.  My snack could be 4,000 snacks if only I planted the seeds instead of eating them.  Why is eating seeds right?   Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?  

The vegan diet is pretty groovy for so many reasons.  Eating seeds, though, might warrant further consideration.  Thing is, I probably won’t stop eating seeds.  Not this bowl, surely (they’re already dead having been roasted).  Or the next.  I have to draw the line somewhere (as do people who eat critters and their juices).  Huh.  I did save ten seeds for planting.  Want 200 servings of veggies?  Let me know and the seeds are yours.


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