Being Me is Weird

I miss every Volkswagen I have ever owned. Sharing pictures is all I can do. Makes me happy to see them all together on a page. That’s not the weird part.

Here’s the weird part. You know those cupcakes I was all excited about two posts ago? Brought them to share with friends at a Scrabble gathering and got all insecure about them. The only other vegan guy in the group wasn’t there and these are new friends. All very nice, but also very skilled cooks and bakers. Only praise came back from all who tried them, but I was apologizing for them before the first bite was taken.

I sometimes feel way too much pressure when I’m the only vegan guy in the room and am offering up food. Like I am an ambassador for all vegans, for the animals, for the industry workers and the planet. If the cupcakes are perfect, I’m a good ambassador. I don’t expect everyone to drop their forks and pledge allegiance to veganism on the spot, but if the food I offer is optimal, there is a chance. Like one in a million, but a chance. If the food is less than optimal, I have failed.

The cakes were perfect but so dark and spicy that they read more like muffins. The glaze, having rested for a few hours, was kind of sticky and didn’t go far enough into the blessed burnt sugar land of caramelization. Together the whole thing was just chuppy in the mouth. Chuppy is my friend’s word. It means sticky mushy (the Urban Dictionary has it all wrong). My friend’s definition makes sense, as it is the sound your mouth makes when chewing something sticky mushy. An onomtopoeia. You should also know that Chuppy isn’t in the Scrabble dictionary. So the cupcakes were good, but I always hope to knock it out of the park. Ego here, sure, but also the aforementioned hope that someday someone will eat something yummy and say to themselves I can do this. Then do it!  Go vegan!

I guess that isn’t weird, but it feels weird. I feel like I am on a stage and gotta perform. Why can’t I be happy bringing a mediocre whatever and know that people are thankful for the sustenance, the effort and the variety that potlucks offer up?

One problem on the vegan recruitment front is that you don’t need to be vegan to eat vegan food.  Omnivores can eat whatever critters they want and then stroll over to the hummus and dig right in like they own the place.  Maybe vegan food needs to be exclusive (as in I am sorry sir, but that rhubarb preserve is for vegans.  I am afraid you’ll have to spread ground animal bits on your toast.  Except that you can’t have the toast either.  Sorry.  Vegan.).  I know that’s just crazy talk.  See my dogs ears through the window?  Note also the leather seats.  Ahem.

I tried to get someone excited about vegan chocolates but fumbled that too. I should have ordered a mixed box and put them out for the guy to try. If he liked them, let him ask about them. Once invited, I could drop the bombshell story behind their marvelousness. Instead, I just sent the guy a link and said these rock and you should consider selling them at your movie theater. He said he already had chocolate and that he doesn’t get involved in the ordering anyway. Fair enough, but he would have been whistling a different tune with one of the chocolates melting in his pie hole. Another time.   [More leather seats in the Beetle.  Ordered it before we went vegan and it arrived just after.  We accepted it.  Ahem.  We’ve done better since.  I long to sit in the plaid cloth seats in the current GTIs.]

Sun is out and clients are sleeping or just pouring a cup of coffee, so I should get out with Frida and enjoy the world for a moment.

Addendum:  My friend sent me these pictures of a VW Type 3 he spotted recently.  Color me jealous.  I loves me VWs and I loves me wagons.  To have one in the same, well, that makes a drool worthy combo.  Worse still is that I am a sucker for racing stripes.  Red on silver, all the better.  Funny that this should show up just now, as Lacey and I were recently discussing the awful paint schemes on contemporary RVs.  At that time we agreed we’d want an RV in silver with red accents or a simple stripe.  Is this the RV we prophesied?

Wiki says the Variant badge was not used on imported cars.  Either this one was brought in by a private party or the Variant badge was added later.  I smudged out the license plate because that’s what folks do.  Not sure why, but digital smudging is fun.


2 responses to “Being Me is Weird

  1. those corrados are amazing. i wish that i could have one now a days but the electrical has to be completely re done, boo!

    lovely photos!

    • Glad you liked the post. You own a Corrado? Mine was a little buggy in the electrical department. Expected from VWs of that era, but I understand they’ve come a long way. The Beetle was pretty solid in all regards (so long as you enjoyed slamming the trunk to get it closed… I always hated that). I’ve read that the new GTI is solid. Dreaming. Later!

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