Another Good Neighbor

Today is the grand opening of All Good Bakers.  Just stopped in (160 Quail Street) to say hey and brought home a loaf of rye and two cinnamon rolls.  They had so much more, but no reason to over stock.  Better just to stop by as things are needed.

The new basket on the ANT Light Roadster was perfect.  The loaf would have tolerated a trip home in a bag, but the frosted cinnamon rolls wouldn’t have enjoyed the abuse.

The rye is excellent.  Very nice crust, great clean flavors and I can tell from the moisture level that it will hold up well.

I’ve had the cinnamon rolls before and know they are top notch.  They looked prettier before I pedaled them home.  Even though the basket prevented squishing, frosting smearing on the bag did go down.

So pumped to have another place to pick up goodies.  They said they’ve been busy all day.  Great job Albany.  Way to make them feel welcome.

Also pleased to report that all fellow road users were deliciously chill.  No threatening behavior whatsoever.  Just quietly rolling on our way.  Nice change.  A few more trips like that and I might be able to shed the stink from yesterday’s (monkey) business.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


2 responses to “Another Good Neighbor

  1. So happy to read about your trip to our bakery and that you enjoyed the buns & rye! Don’t forget, we offer 10% off to anyone who arrives car-free and next time, feel free to bring your bike in, we have a spot for you to rest it. We’re working on getting a bike rack for the front of the shop, but it might take a while. Come on back and see us, I’ll be testing vegan donut holes pretty soon!

    • OMG! Vegan donut holes??!! I have carried back vegan donuts from Seattle’s Mighty-O too many times to count. To have something here would be very special. Thanks for making stuff for us!

      Also, thanks for the bicycle accommodations! You can count on seeing me often.


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