From The Shelf

I just pulled from the shelf The Future Dictionary of America.  

I suppose it could be read cover to cover, but I haven’t.  I just pop it open when the mood strikes and enjoy a few entries.  This, from Chris Bachelder.

I’d laugh harder if it weren’t true and sad.  I still expect to see wild mushroom risotto on menus of meat-centric joints in San Francisco.  To be fair, it has been years but the memories linger on.  It was better than pasta with grilled veggies, but so many places offered the dish I suspected I was being served a boil in a bag meal from a commercial kitchen serving airlines or even the military.




2 responses to “From The Shelf

  1. Nothing on par with the vegan dining out experience, but I’m usually balancing my angst against given family members with angst against the menus where we can eat peacefully together.

    Great selection, looks like a fun book!

  2. Its all work, I tell you!

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