Out My Front Door

Saturday.  Woke up.  Made almond milk gravy with Field Roast chorizo and poured it over toast.  Watered seeds in basement.  Drilled hole through top of an old climbing helmet, pushed a flathead bolt through from the inside, secured the bolt with a nut, screwed on my camera, looked in the mirror and laughed uncontrollably.  I knew I was onto something special.

The following filmette was shot atop an ANT Light Roadster rolling through air warmed to forty-five degrees with Lacey sleeping off a headache.  A small pond is circumnavigated.  Ducks and geese enjoy clear water.  Dogs, babies and even selves are walked.  I roll slow but bumping about creates an illusion of speed.  Not since Warhol’s Empire has so little happened in so many frames.  Music is my grandma on mouth harp fueled by the tiniest amount of whisky (her entertainment motor was very efficient).

I found this wickery present for the ANT in the trash.  Three baskets to pick from, but this one combined strength and the correct proportions.  Now my veggies can ride home from the garden in style.  

A very lovely bicycle.  Might be my favorite in the bunch.  It is today.

Go pedal!


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