Made in USA or Vietnam

This afternoon I went from pretty excited to pretty bummed in about 5 minutes. Nothing in the grand scheme of things, unless dishonesty bothers you as much as it does me. I paid a premium price for a couple of really swanky beach chairs. Felt good paying the premium price because the chairs were advertised as made in the USA.

Chairs arrived in these boxes.

A quick call to the “manufacturer” confirmed the chairs are made in Vietnam. They add the fabric here. I told them I was bummed about their misleading website and that they should fix it. Guy on the phone sounded bummed, too, but didn’t offer a remedy. Just said it is an evolving situation.

I won’t ship the chairs back. They’ve already traveled too far and are really fine chairs. At some level, though, we all lost on this exchange. I know why the seller did what they did. Times are tough. Even so, times will only get tougher when honesty is discarded.

Who even buys beach chairs?  Why did we?  If you have lost your mind in just the same way we did, I’d try buying from here, instead.  Maybe call them and quiz them about the origin of their products (just to be safe). Nothing against products made elsewhere. We all have to eat. Again, it is just an honesty thing.

Be well.


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