Spring Cleaning

Spring takes the snow uncovering a multitude of delights.  For instance, on Sunday our little cur found some rotting entrails at the local muni golf course.  Without a camera or so much as a notebook and pencil, she documented her important discovery by rolling in them.  Three times for good measure.  The reward for careful police work in our house is a thorough scrubbing.

Not long after getting on top of that little project (thank you Lacey), we were lucky to share a meal with the very sweet founders of this informative guide to upstate goings-on.  They live north of here and had a winter even more metal than ours, with four feet of snow on the ground the bulk of the season.  If you live upstate, you’d do well to spend some time at their site.

In preparation for our visitors we cooked most of the day and ended up with a very nice Indian spread including papads, tamarind chutney, flat breads, tomato soup, eggplant and daal.  All but the bread and papads arose by virtue of recipes from The Indian Vegan Kitchen.  This is fast becoming my favorite cookbook.  Each recipe seems to stand a head higher than Indian recipes from other places by eliminating a few spices from each recipe.  The remaining spices stand out and each dish stands apart for a much more interesting meal.  Buy it and be amazed.

Gardening season is fast approaching.  I’ll start some plants in the basement this week.  For now, though, the only thing turning up in our garden is our resident detective.  She seems to be enjoying the dried sawgrass I recently tossed in there.  My to do list now includes (a) installing a higher fence around the garden (b) buying a bail of straw for our girl.

Saturday gave me space enough to play the first round of disc golf for the season.  Having not touched a disc for three months, I had low expectations.  Good thing, too.  On December 24, 2010, I threw a mediocre 74 and on March 26, 2011, I threw a 74.  Improvement is my only option now.  Ideally, I will throw low 60s more often than not.  Touching the 50s would be a real treat, but I am not holding my breath.  Wish me luck!

Hugs and kisses.


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