Scissors and Good Memories

I have been cutting my hair for about a year now.  Austerity move, but I also enjoy the control and convenience.  I am getting better, but I am not good.  Good enough for working from home.

Hiking shots (for my benefit–I read my blog more often than I can comfortably admit, but I can’t resist playing Where’s the Typo).  First, two girls I love.

Second, F and I in a lean-to.  Check out that table!  Can you say over-engineered?  Maybe it is a sleeping platform.  Still too stout!  Pants tucked in to try to prevent ticks from getting to me.  Ticks and Lyme disease.  Bed bugs.  Radioactive water.  Can you smile in the face of it all?

I didn’t hike once last year.  Too much disc golf.  Need to address that imbalance this summer.

Speak to you soon.

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