Too Chilly

Still too cold for a relaxed roll around the neighborhood.  I went out but kept the pedals moving.  Came home with only a few miles added to the Gios Super Record.  Sunny, so I made a few pictures.

Isn’t it lovely?  The “coins” on top of the fork crown have always been a favorite feature of mine.

The full Campagnolo Super Record is pretty nifty as well.  Never thought I would own a bicycle with such a fine group.

How about the perforated Brooks (which I added)?  Seems right  on the machine.  Very comfortable, too.  Looks like the nose is a tad low in this picture, but its the picture.  I am looking at the bicycle now and it is just right (for me).  The tail is just a bit higher than the rest of the seat and the nose of the saddle is level.  

I believe the last year for the no-coin fork was 1978, and that Gios started producing this frame for use with recessed brake bolts  around 1980.  This frame and fork, then, are probably from 1980 or later.  The Campagnolo parts seem to be from 1982 (the patent number on the derailleur is 82 and the cranks have a 2 in a circle (circle meaning 80s).  The whole thing is probably a 1982.  If so, it is almost 30 years old.  

Not super rare, but any bicycle that looks this good after 30 years deserves special care.  I give it that and more.

For an example with drilled, milled and polished components, see here.  Crazy, huh?  Like it?  Seems to be for sale.  It is described as a 1979, but has recessed brake bolts, so maybe the 1980 genesis date for those recited above is not quite right.

What is Gios up to today?  One source said the operation split in two, with part remaining in Italy and producing frames for sale only “from the showroom floor” and the other half jointing with a Japanese partner and making a whole crazy stable of bicycles.  The Japanese located half seems a little too business oriented for my taste, but I am sure there are a ton of folks all over the world who are delighted to have a chance to throw a leg over (or through) a Gios.  Fine with me.  Just pedal!

4 responses to “Too Chilly

  1. Hi — I run the bike-related blog “The Retrogrouch” — and I’m doing an article on interesting fork crowns. I’d like to know if I’d have permission to use the picture of the Gios fork with the “coins” in it for my article — credited, of course. Let me know! Thanks!

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