One More Week

Disc golf season is headed my way.  Last winter we played all winter.  Too much snow this winter.  Today I meant to play the first round of the year, but a dusting of snow, a cold temperature and work obligations conspired to push the date back.  

The sun is strong enough and the snow light enough that the sun is doing the shoveling.  I shoveled and swept the walk and drive just for an excuse to be outside at 6:30 in the morning, but it was entirely unnecessary.  Now that the sun is up, the snow is gone within minutes of the sun reaching a new spot.

Walking Frida, I saw even the slightest of shadows cast by trees saving the snow.   The detail was amazing.  Shadows cast by even small branches rested on thin beds of powdered snow.  This beautiful effect dissipated by the time I got home to retrieve a camera, but you get the idea in the snowy shadows cast by my house on the patio and lawn, and even in a shadow cast by our fireplace.

I should pedal after lunch.  I need nothing, so a trip to the store is out.  Pedaling around the neighborhood might be enough.  I will take out a bicycle that I haven’t ridden lately.  Probably a fast machine with high pressure tires for an easy roll.  The Gios Super Record, I think.  Full Campagnolo Super Record group.  A real time machine.  Settled!

Warm and dry weather ahead.  Say it with me.  Make it so.

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