Meet Me in Miramas

I need to get out more.  I had to look up Miramas to learn it is in France.  Why the sudden interest in Miramas?  Meet Me in Miramas is the title of the second album sent by Thrill Jockey as part of my subscription to Matt Friedberger‘s upcoming solo works.

Good work again, with guitars as promised.  Thank you Matt!  Mediocre pressing on thin vinyl, though.  A little noisy and my stylus is working hard to avoid catching air when running along the wavy surface.  Oh well.

Now I know Meet Me in Miramas is just a title, but I am ready to head to Miramas to see if I can find Matt there.  Even if I don’t find him (what would I do if I did?), the weather there just now looks a good measure better than the weather here.



Seems to be a BMW race track outside the city, too.  

Must be a way to wiggle into a little track time there.  [Er.  Maybe not.]  Have I mentioned that I’d rather see cars used for racing than transport in cities?  Cars should be left at the edge of cities in big municipal garages.  Once there, you pedal your bike home.  Maybe hop on a bus.  You go visit your car to take a trip to grandmas or maybe the race track.  On board?  Let’s urban camp for it.

In other news, today I am headed to get a carotid ultrasound.  My doctor ordered the test to see if my arteries are wide open.  Why?  A week ago my face went a little numb for about a minute and I was a little dizzy for the same amount of time.  I was nervous, being home alone and not knowing what was next, but a conference call for work took my mind off it a little.  After the call I broke out the google and learned I might have had a TIA and should call 911.  Mini-stoke.  Oh.

Not wanting the drama or cost of an ambulance, I drove myself to the ER.  Probably a bad decision (to drive, that is), but two hours had passed during which time I had no symptoms.   The decision to go to the ER was the freakiest part of the whole thing.  I had never been to any doc for anything other than a check up or a dislocated pinky.  Waited an hour without being seen so I booked.  If their triage determined my limited symptoms didn’t require immediate attention, I’d rather be home, away from the maskless woman on my right coughing with pneumonia (free masks right in front of you with a sign directing coughers to don them!  Ahem!) and the woman on the left with the mysterious rash on her back (sign said tell them if you have a rash, she did, they shrugged.  Ahem!).  I also wasn’t impressed by the thread bare sign saying the ER was experiencing higher than normal demand for its services so that wait times could be long.  Ahem!

I went to my general practitioner the next day.  She thought TIA was probable.  At first I felt real old real fast.  With the passage of a week, I am over that.  I am doing the right thing to get it checked out, but I am pretty sure it was a random event and will not likely recur.  I am confident my carotid arteries are going to be wide open.  Vegan for a decade.  Active.  Low bad cholesterol.  High good cholesterol.  Moderate stress.  Not old.

Helps me, too, that the event itself was so minor and short in duration.  I would have  been a lot more freaked if I had experienced mental or visual impairment, any asymmetries, leg or arm pain or a headache.  Happily, there was none of that.   In fact, before I went to the ER I wrote down the complete list of acceptable two letter words in Scrabble and for the first time got a 100% (and no extras).

I am going to hate flying more than ever (blood clot risk and my best guess as to why my face went numb–I had flown about two weeks earlier), but I’ll just drink doubly excessive amounts of water and get up every ten minutes to walk around.

Whatever!  I’ll continue to live clean with an emphasis on the living part.  You be well now, hear?


2 responses to “Meet Me in Miramas

  1. dude! this is worrying! let us know how it all shakes out!!

    • Sure thing, friend. The administrator of the ultrasound wouldn’t discuss with me the results. Company policy. I get it, but it does heighten the stress somewhat. I jokingly asked her if I could honor my commitments through the weekend (she said I could). Punchline should arrive Friday or Monday. Wee!

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