I Forgot to Mention

I pedaled through my fair city both of the last two days and every road user was super cool and safe.  All without a single bicycle accommodation.  No lanes.  No signs.  No nothing.  Just nice people sharing the road with me.  So pleasant.

By the way, I just heard on the news the phrase “unintentional anal bleeding.”  See any extra words there?  Take away any one of the three words and you’ll still catch my attention, but “unintentional” is the word I am suggesting is surplus.  Not to worry.  I have already switched off the news and placed an album on the turntable.  

The John Wright Trio has me feeling much better.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the 1976 Honda Supersport I wish I had never sold.  The buyer didn’t know much about motorcycles and had trouble getting it started.  Many times.  It was never easy to start, but I showed him how to get it going.  I always got it going.  Generally blew off the electric start as the battery was often low (didn’t ride it often enough).  Went straight for the kick start.  Got to love a kick start.  So much cooler than pushing a plastic button.

I should have bought it back from him at the first sign of trouble.  I wonder where it is now.  I wonder what it looks like?  T’was minty when I sold it, no?  Dig that seat.  Brown.  Honda was still making the seats when I bought the motorbike, so I bought it as a present to the motorbike to replace the ugly after-market jobbie that was on it.  Sweet memories!


2 responses to “I Forgot to Mention

  1. it would concern me way more if it was intentional anal bleeding.

    • Exactly my point. The piece was about signs of advanced prostate cancer or some such thing. I think when you have the public’s attention (and they clearly had about 5% of mine), cast your net widely and advise paying attention to any bleeding from any part of any person. Blood Outside Plumbing = Bad. Blood Inside Plumbing = Good. Done.

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