Saturday Morning

Only an hour of shoveling this morning.  Metalocalypse and blueberry banana smoothies are a fine reward.  Too cold for smoothies?  Not if you crawl into a sleeping bag while drinking them.  

Glass straws are more delightful than I imagined.  Get a pair here.  The suck hole is wide, so pulling even a thick smoothie is effortless.  Work for hot beverages, too.  Note match between smoothie and product color code on the end of the box.  Not intended, but pleased.  

To Mahar’s this afternoon.  The first two folks who find me there and say they read about it here get a pint of Ommegang Adoration (or something else if the good folks of Albany made the Adoration disappear).  Offer subject to proof that you are not driving.  10% abv, don’t you know?



2 responses to “Saturday Morning

  1. I wish I could have joined you, Randy, but I was a few hours from Albany. Next time.

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