Old Ride New Kicks

The process of upgrading tires continues.  My Bridgestone CB-0 is now enjoying a pair of Ritchey Slicks.  

The Ritchey tires replace Kendas which had a recommended max of 50 psi.  Now I can pump twice as long, as the new tires are rated for 95 psi.  So much faster!  I haven’t pedaled for weeks, but last night on a trip to sign up for the community garden plot I was flying.  It was all due to the tires.

Three cheers to the motorists I encountered on the way.  All were polite and safe.  The streets are narrower than usual due to snow piled at the edges and cars parking further out, so I did a bunch of pulling over to let cars go.  It was a festival of good will, I tell you!

If you pedal, you need to eat.  The house smells great just now.  I made a sorta Thai soup with my red curry paste (pulled from the freezer), coconut milk, seitan stock, mushroom soy sauce, lemon grass, ginger, cilantro, lime juice, onion, garlic, tofu and veggies.  Lunch from the home office kitchen rocks.  

Other news, too.  Last weekend, my friend Jim (pictured below and matching nicely, too) reintroduced me to the joys of cross country skiing on groomed trails.  I had skied at a genuine cross country facility only once before.  It was at Steamboat Springs and it was awesome.  Fast forward thirty years.  Pineridge is just 40 minutes from here.  The snow was nice, the trails set and some wonderful views awaited us.  The lodge is super cozy with a roaring wood stove keeping the place warm.  

Helped to have such nice company to show me the way.  I’ll be back.  Thanks, Jim!  

A soundtrack makes writing much more enjoyable.  The tubes are warm and Matt Friedberger’s Napoleonette is on the turntable.  

He’s the brother half of the brother sister duo known as The Fiery Furnaces.  This album is the first in a series of eight to be released during the upcoming year.  Subscription only.  Saucy!  

For this LP, Matt performs on three different pianos and sings.  Saucier still!  Next LP is guitars.  Special guests are promised.  As they say, the waiting is the hardest part.  Thanks, Matt!

I’ll have to be happy with the dozens of recent releases sitting at the ready.  Wanna see Bright Eye’s fancy LP?  It showed up recently, too.  Cut-out gatefold!  Not only did I get an advance download, they included a CD of the music with the LP.  How super nice is that?  If you are taking suggestions and want to keep amping up the bidding, consider a pop-up book with the LP next time.  Wouldn’t that be special? 

All this excellent music reminds me…  Thanks again for the hifi, Larry!  Really warms my heart (and ears and hands).  I smile every time I throw one of the well-made toggle switches or click the gain dial up a notch.  Another bonus–Lacey is scared of it.  Tales of catastrophic failure triggered by powering the thing up or down in the wrong sequence have left Lacey hesitant to touch anything, including the volume.  When I turn it up, she is now less likely to correct my mistake.  Despite our long list of compatibilities, we are separated by a click or two on the volume dial.  She is younger than me.  Her hearing will degrade in time.

I have to go start the car to see if it’ll go.  I haven’t driven for at least a month, but I promised a couple of friends I’d ferry them about.  I feel pretty good about my chances, since a month ago I pushed the go button after another month off and it started right up.  Even so, wish me luck!

Before I go, I should say I have been working like a dog lately.  Not complaining.  I have been enjoying it, but a few moments extra at lunch today have felt really special.  Balance is good.  Hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed crafting them.

Be well.


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