Salt Paw Solved?

Is your dog bothered by deicing salt?  Ours have been.  So sad when they lift a paw to let you know they’re hurting.  Maybe they even hobble on three legs.  You know the other three are almost as sore, too.  If you own property, consider shoveling before the snow is tramped down.  If you keep up with it, you’ll rarely need to use salt.  Don’t care about dogs?  Salt eats your sidewalk, poisons your soil and corrodes your metals, too.  Shovel!  We’ve had some success with boots, but as boots become saturated with salty water they are less of a help. 

Ruff Wear makes boots with Vibram soles which may help solve the problem.  The first time I saw them in a store I called my friend over to laugh with him about the $65 dollar boots for dogs.  The boots we’ve bought in the past have been much less expensive.  Not less than a month later, though, I was in the store with my dog so she could try them on.  So cute!

Unfortunately, I bought this pair without researching.  I now know this is meant to be a summer boot.  The mesh tops on the upper will let in salt water if she steps in a puddle.  They have winter boots, too.  We’ll try these for awhile first.  Frida isn’t so sure.  

Our dogs have always hated wearing boots.  Here’s our prior pooch wearing the boots we’ve been using for a decade now.  Just cordura socks with velcro closures.  They worked pretty well, actually, but it is hard not to fall for the mini sneaker look of the Ruff Wear offerings.

When I first strap the boots on, no matter how many times they’ve worn them, dogs walk like the ground is molten lava.  Each step is an exaggerated exercise in lifting and placing the foot.  I think it is a problem for them not to feel the ground with their pads.  Our dogs have  gotten somewhat comfortable, though,  when they realize the boots aren’t coming off and a walk is in the cards.  A few minutes into the walk and they seem to forget the boots are there.  Cute pose, no?

Although these seem to attach pretty securely, it is nice to see that Ruff Wear sells individual boots in case of mishaps.  March on!


4 responses to “Salt Paw Solved?

    I want a video of poor Frida trying those on and walking around in them for the first time, high-stepping it like crazy.
    It reminds me of when I used to dress my cats up in Cabbage Patch Kid outfits. Oh, the fun. Oh, the torture!

    • Kind of highlights one challenge of caring for a companion animal, right? Making decisions for another without being able to have a conversation with them isn’t fun. How wonderful if Frida understood that the boots are imposed to prevent salt paw. Also wonderful if we could avoid laughing as she acclimates to the boots each time. I only wish Frida would laugh with us!

  2. Oh my : ))
    Do they have a cat version?

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