Two Small Dreams

Dreams realized, even simple, quiet dreams, are something to be cherished.  I’ve never had in my life all at once a winter helmet, goggles, clear streets, sunshine and a burning desire to pedal to the grocery, until today.

It had warmed to 30 degrees when I pedaled to the store, so all the gear probably wasn’t necessary.  Even so, I was glad to have it on.  It completely eliminated all discomfort that cold wind on the face and eyes can cause.  My nose is exposed in this configuration, but I can fix that with a neoprene face wrap when the temperature drops.

The wind was at my back riding to the grocery, so the goggles fogged a bit.  Not enough to completely obscure my vision, but I did find myself looking around the fog at times or tilting my head just so to improve ventilation through the goggles.  Better result still when I pushed the pedals more softly, then my breath slowed, and the fog decreased.  Upright bars would help.  At stop lights, I could turn my head into the wind to prevent additional fogging.  Might not have been the goggles at all.  Could have been my glasses inside.

On the way home, I pedaled hard into fierce wind, but none of it reached my skin.  Despite the punishment it delivered to my legs and lungs, I appreciated that it completely eliminated fogging issues, even in light of my heavy huffing and puffing.

Now to indoor sports.  Mike Flanigan recently recommended dungarees produced by Pointer Brand.  These folks have been making working clothes since 1913 in Bristoll, Tennessee.  With knees peeking through thinned fabric on my current denim britches, I ordered two pairs.  An hour later I noticed Pointer Brand produces a handsome denim jacket (on sale for $30).  I clicked buy again.  The jacket arrived first.  I couldn’t be happier.  

I’ve always admired denim jackets, but have never had one of my own.  Come spring, I expect to put it in heavy rotation as outside wear, but I see no need to wait.  I can give my hoodies a rest now by wearing the jacket inside as protection against the silly low temperature in our house during the day.  Lacey says she likes the jacket, which is good, as I have a tendency to wear pants and a top a week at a time, then wash, then put the combo right back on.  I love a good uniform and see no need to vary it.  

The jacket fits true to size and is tailored with trim and straight lines.  All seams appear to be well executed.  The denim is pre-washed and soft.  I was hoping for sail cloth stiffness, but there is nothing wrong with a little comfort.  Comfortable it is.  The first thing I did was put it on, climb under the covers and take a nap.  I love sleeping fully clothed, outerwear and all.

Handsome metal buttons with green paint suggesting age straight out of the package.  Funny that they didn’t orient them all so that the name is right side up (see the second preceding picture).  I couldn’t make it right with my less than wrench strength hands, but a gentle twist with a pliers and all buttons are now properly oriented.

I’m certain I will enjoy the jacket for years, probably decades, to come.  Thanks for the link, Mike!


2 responses to “Two Small Dreams

  1. I too have recently heard of the good folks making those denim things. The only other brand that is made in USA for real is “roundhouse”. I am also needing some denim, and go by the same ethic as far as the week long wear then wash. Winter is uniform time.
    8 inches of snow here, light and fluffy, but cold tonight…6 above. Stay warm over there.
    Hearts. P

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