Top Ten Jesus

I love Google images.  I am a safe search off kind of guy, but that is just me.  Doesn’t matter what you type in.  If you have safe search off, the last couple of pictures are always disgusting.  The puppy search is the only exception I have found.  Purely G-rated.  Actually, the God search is pretty close to a G rating, too.  Not Jesus, though.  I guess because he was human.

The following are my top ten favorite depictions of Jesus, all taken from Google images.  I am too lazy to give image by image credit.  If you want to know, just type Jesus into Google images and you can find out.

I tried to select ones that were not blasphemous.  For instance, I left out the Jesus Light Switch.  That said, I am no expert.  If you are offended by any of my selections, let me know and I will take the offensive one(s) down.  Suggest a replacement, though, ok?  Here we go.

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I love the dynamism in many of the selected depictions, especially in the sporty Jesus images.  Try a search for Buddha and you won’t get any of that.  Buddha, perhaps not surprisingly, is mostly depicted sitting or laying down.  There may be pictures of Buddha getting his sport on somewhere, but if they aren’t available in a first level search of Google images, they are lost to me.  If Google images can be counted on to unveil the qualities of a character, seems like on the playground of the gods, Jesus would get picked to be on a team well before Buddha.  Not a worry for Buddhists, though, as recess isn’t the most important subject in the grand scheme of things.

Happy birthday, Jesus!

Creepy funny postscript.  My browser crashed while I was creating this post.  My browser has crashed before (obviously), but never in WordPress while creating a post.  Yikers!  I hope I haven’t crossed the line!


2 responses to “Top Ten Jesus

  1. Gotta be a chocolate Jesus, to make me feel good inside.

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