Wrench Hands

I want wrench hands.

I have always used my hands to tighten fasterners as much as possible, but so far I have to finish with a wrench.

I want to be able to loosen and tighten fasterners with just my hands.  No wrench.  My hands are the wrench.  That’s the super power I want.

Have any instances of this been reported?  Is it possible?  Are there exercises I can do to get there?  Help!


2 responses to “Wrench Hands

  1. I used to get all romantic about callouses and scars but now at 43, I’m often unable to open my own bottles and jars. I wonder why you would want all the extra wear and tear on your joints when there are so many tools available. So many things are contributing to our increased longevity but unless we’ve babied our joints throughout our lives with supplements like fish oils and curcumin, we’re stuck with joint erosion and inflammation. Otherwise, I Googled hand strengthening exercises and there’s no end to the literature available.

    • Thanks for the nice note!

      I only want wrench hands so that I can work on bicycles without leaving a mark. If you look closely, even when used properly, wrenches usually leave marks. Saddens me, it does.

      Unfortunately, literature on strengthening only seems to work when I combine reading about exercises with doing exercises. My desire needs to grow a bit for that to happen. I don’t care enough today, but tomorrow is a new day.

      If I start talking about wearing out my body, I will never stop. Why is it so enjoyable to share stories about the beginning of the end?

      Be gentle with yourself today!

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