Your Freezer or Your Front Door?

Vegan pizza in Albany.  I have counted my lucky stars over and over for the wonderful pizza and delivery service from Little Anthony’s.  I love everything about their pies, and I love them even more since they started topping them with Daiya.  Plenty of vegans rip on Daiya, but I am not one of them.  Hardly a week goes by that we don’t order a pizza from Little Anthony’s.  Five years and fifty-two weeks in a year add up to a lot of Little Anthony’s pizzas!  Don’t they do lovely work?

Even in the face of my love for our local pizza, I was excited to try Tofurky’s new frozen pizzas.  The folks at Tofurky know their way around the frozen faux landscape, and their pies are also topped with Daiya, so my hopes were high.  Picture from here.

The taste?  Carrie from here said it best when she compared the Tofurky pizza to Totino’s, but I will say just a bit more.  They both have thin crusts, serve as a nice delivery device for loads of included fat and salt and benefit from copious application of garlic, oregano and crushed red pepper from your spice drawer.

Before I was a vegan, I always enjoyed having a Totino’s in the freezer for an emergency.  I thought Tofurky’s offering might fill the same slot in my vegan freezer.  Sadly, that probably won’t happen.  Unlike the low price for a Totino’s, our local co-op sells Tofurky pizzas for a whopping $9.29.  At 12 ounces, that pushes the per ounce price to  $0.77.  My two topping Little Anthony’s pizza arrives in about 30 minutes and costs only $20 (tip included), for a per ounce price of only $0.37!  Little Anthony’s pizza is a million times better and costs less than half the price of the Tofurky pie.

When an emergency arrives, I will be dialing Little Anthony’s.


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