The Great Joralemon Flood of 2010

Went to play a round of disc golf early this morning and, well, we really had a hard time.  This is what we saw when we got there.  

Here is the view from the first tee.  The goal was on dry land, so we teed off from 150 feet to the right.   My partner found water with his drive, but it worked out. 

Holes two through four were mostly dry, but then we saw a new stream running across the fifth fairway.  There was no way to get across to the goal (looked like the tops of calf-height rain boots, which we didn’t have, would have been breached).  We skipped it.

This is what was feeding the stream.  The sliver of stream you can see behind the trees is the normal course for the stream.  The stream in the foreground is all new and again appeared to be more than a foot deep and was running swiftly.

We skipped hole six as well.  No way to get anywhere near the tee as it was on the other side of the new stream.

Seven through ten were playable, but big water was laying in wait at eleven.  We could get to the tee and the goal, but a line drawn between the two and all parts right of that was a new lake.  We managed to keep our drives and approaches mostly left, but I did suffer a few dicey ricochets which rocketed waterward.  Only luck kept my disc and boots on solid ground.

The goal for 12B was submerged almost to the basket.  Thirteen through seventeen were fine, but we couldn’t get to the basket on 18, either.  It was surrounded by a wide and deep moat.

We left the scorecard in the car and ended up having a lot of fun.  It was refreshing.  Almost like we had never played the course before.  The near complete absence of pars for me reinforced the feeling of newness.  Why I wasn’t throwing well was a bit of a mystery.  If it all felt new, where was the beginner’s luck?  If you are headed there, bring waterproof boots (you wouldn’t regret as much boot as a Wellington), and leave the scorecards at home.  Most importantly, enjoy!


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