Rainy Day

The first day of Chanukah!  Started out nice enough, but the weather report was not promising.  Frida was at her post first thing in the morning.  You can see her in the picture above, just to the right of the first night candle.

A few hours later and I am still at home, but now a heavy rain is coming down.  Working from home has its challenges.  Isolation is at the top of the list and today the weather isn’t helping.  I should have my trusty pal Frida to keep me company, but her preference is to guard the back yard most of the day.  Even in the rain if I let her.

Lunch was very nice, though.  It almost always is.  I try not to skimp in that department. 

Dessert tomorrow night will be even better (the tart tastes better after sitting for a day).

Today I learned that starting roots on cuttings in water isn’t generally the best approach.  I have been doing it that way my whole life.  Even if you can get roots to show up in water, I now know they are not the right kind of roots for soil and dry up when you plant the cutting.  If you are lucky, the cutting then grows roots suitable to life in soil.  Might as well have started there from the beginning.  

I have been keeping my grandma’s geraniums going since she left her house for a nursing home around the year 2000 by starting roots in water, but this year of the ten cuttings only two developed roots.  I planted those in soil today, and stuck the cuttings that didn’t develop roots in soil, too.   I hope they go!  My grandma died in 2002 and keeping the geraniums going is one way I honor her memory.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I was taken on a trip to an aquarium in Camden New Jersey.  Even though it was very nice, I won’t show you the pictures Lacey took.  I am not just being dramatic or vegan when I say the fish all seemed to be pacing.  Not unlike I sometimes find myself doing when I am home alone.  Really made me sad.  What made me more sad was to learn upon exiting the aquarium that I was looking at Philadelphia right across the water.

I had no idea!  Why in the world did we ride in a car for over an hour to then walk around a stinky fish jail when we could have driven just five minutes more across a rad bridge and been in such a cool city?  

Because we had kids along, and kids love aquariums.  They weren’t my kids.  If there were, we would have gone to Philadelphia and visited Bilenky.  I have never been.  They make amazing bicycles, and I’d say Stephen is a rare enough creature to hold the attention of most kids.  [Picture taken from Bilenky’s blog.]

Or we could have tried to visit the shop of another awesome Philadelphia frame maker, Engin.  What’s not to love about a room filled with dangerous equipment that can shape metal?  So close!  [Picture from Engin site.]

Maybe we could have grabbed a beer and a smoked coconut club sandwich at the Memphis Taproom.  I have never been there, but it looks like they know how to make food and beer.  [Picture from their site.]

All wonderful ways to spend an afternoon without exploiting cute critters.  Had I known, I would have dropped the crew at the aquarium and jetted over for a couple of hours.  Next time.  Lacey and I were rewarded with a kid-free trip for dosas that evening.  I got the gunpowder dosa, slathered with enough black pepper to satisfy the requirements of a Luthern church kitchen for a decade.  Unforgettable.

Apparently if it starts raining hard enough (it currently sounds like a typhoon out there), Frida will leave her post for the comforts of inside.  Straight to the bed she went, still wet as a towel can only do so much for a soaked coat.

I think she is comfortable with her decision.  Guarding the yard in a rain storm can take it out of a girl. 

Living, learning and now just a few short hours to cocktail hour.  Rain be damned!


5 responses to “Rainy Day

  1. re: happy hour,

  2. Poured here as well, but got to see a group of hilarious Israelis light candles in a bar, and then promptly forget the song.

    • Funny! Bummed to say I had to google the prayers (Lacey isn’t home). I can sing along with some level of confidence, but I realized that when I am alone, I could be blessing sweatbands for all I know. Worse still is that having the words in front of me didn’t help much. Oh well. The candles are lit and I am not, so I get points for that. Take care!

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