Just So

I spread compost from our overflowing bin on our home garden and strawberry bed.  While nothing remarkable happened in the garden, look at what came up amongst the strawberry plants.  

I think we are looking at Glistening Inkcaps (Coprinus micaceus), but mushrooms can be tricky and I am the opposite of an expert here.  

These mushrooms like to grow on top of dead wood and here they are growing on top of and near the stump of a tree we had removed years ago.  

If they are Glistening Inkcaps, they are not poisonous to dogs and are edible.

To be safe, though, I will remove them tomorrow in case Frida decides to have a go at them.

I wish I were a bit more bold in this regard, but I am just not.


2 responses to “Just So

  1. Wow. May I use some of your mushroom pictures in a painting I am working on?

  2. Certainly! It’d love to see the result, if you’ be willing to share.

    Take care!

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