Volunteers Aren’t All Good

Heated up the oven first thing this morning and threw in everything we had that was roastable.  Biggest success:  parsnips roasted with ginger, maple syrup and salt.  If you’ve never done this, please do.  Probably should tonight.  You will be richly rewarded.  Peppers were roasted for a potato and kale enchilada dish to come.  Baby beets that hung out in our soil all year and just didn’t feel like growing were plucked from their beds and roasted.  Rosemary, salt and pepper woke them up.  A magda squash, a welcome volunteer and the last of the season, was roasted with thyme, salt and pepper.  It will hang out in the fridge until inspiration strikes.

What didn’t go in the oven?  Two volunteer squash that I brought in, skinned and deseeded.  Before I chopped them for roasting, I tasted a small cutting and, oh holy hell, what an evil bitter taste.  So bad I headed straight for google to see if I had been poisoned.  Only turned up two suggestions of poisonous squash and both had spikes sticking out of them.  Not mine, which looked like mini watermelons or bloated cucumbers.  I did show Lacey the bag of the vile fruit and told her it would be in the garbage in case the investigators needed to know what had done me in.  Bad volunteer.   The remnants were not going in the compost (I wasn’t going to risk those seeds making more vines next year).  Glad I am still here.

Any other good volunteers?  Pumpkins!  I steamed the first from our garden to makeLagusta’s Pumpkin Bourbon Tart!  The tart looks so beautiful (a) I don’t want to eat it (and won’t until tomorrow), and (b) I will let go her recent use of the term “Zen fucks.”  Some practitioners do suck.  True of all religions, right?  Only used half of the pumpkin.  The other half will likely end up as an Indian dish.

The pumpkin seeds were coated with oil, curry powder, red pepper, sugar and salt.  They shared the oven with the tart for the last fifteen minutes of its heat treatment.  It is all I can do to keep my hands out of the bowl while Lacey finishes her bath.  She worked out while I baked.  She gets healthier.  I do dishes.

Oh well!

3 responses to “Volunteers Aren’t All Good

  1. Ah! But don’t I sneakily imply that I, too, am a Zen fuck??
    Yay for bourbon tarts!!! That makes me happy.
    I am so remiss on commenting on your blog, but it makes me happy to get your posts in my email!

    • It is plenty to know you read it and enjoy it. Maybe just drop me a note when you are over it?

      I suppose you could be bad, and probably are at times in secret, but I haven’t seen it. I am proud to have you as part of my sangha, and learn so much from you.

      Thank you!

  2. Hi Randy great blog thanks for talking about Meee! Happy Holidays

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