Lower Taxes By Smiling

If you want to live in the Empire State, you need to be ready to pay some hefty taxes.

Rather than just complain about it, consider being nicer.

Most people here are plenty nice (we wouldn’t stay if we hadn’t met and continue to meet wonderful and irreplaceable friends), but I could be nicer.  I’ll bet others could be as well.

Visitors would enjoy a nicer New York and would be more likely to relocate here. More citizens means a broader tax base across which to spread the budgetary burden. Voila! Lower taxes.

I flatter myself to compare my idea to Jimmy Carter’s request to don sweaters to save oil, but it is difficult to ignore certain parallels.

Both ideas propose easy and simple fixes that we can all implement immediately and without added cost.

Also, assuming we both chose the right sweaters and brush our teeth, even if the fixes can’t alone solve the problems, at least they brighten up the place.

This post is inspired by a visitor we had the pleasure of hosting this long weekend.

Taking a friend around the city helped me see it again.  Our visitor is from Atlanta, and she spoke very highly of her town.

We like our town too, but we are losing population.  The budget doesn’t get smaller with each person that leaves. It stays the same or gets bigger.

We need people to move here.

I wonder what our visitor and other visitors think of the place? To be safe, I will smile more.

Please consider doing me the favor of doing the same.


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