Sharrows, Cheers!

Why am I in such a good mood?  Is it because I tied my personal best of 64 on the disc golf course this morning?  That doesn’t hurt, but there is even better news.  I sent a link to my Sharrows, Sighs post to the Albany Bicycle Coalition list and got some enouraging feedback.

Ken B. said he is working toward some resolution to the misplaced sharrows on Washington Avenue and is pushing for placement of signs indicating cyclists can use the whole lane.  The one two punch of a super hero, I’d say.  He also mentioned one very real benefit of sharrows–letting motorists know bicyclists belong on roads rather than sidewalks.  An excellent point of which I am grateful to receive a reminder.  Thanks Ken!  Your work is much appreciated.

I received a couple of notes from Lorenz W.   One indicated that the sharrows on Washington Avenue have already been repaired.  No wonder I had trouble finding the headless sharrow that haunted my cycling dreams.  Too bad they simply stuck down new ones in the same old wrong location.  I guess that can be seen in this picture that I passed over for the other post (too many shadows).  Ken B., you are our only hope!  

The second note shared wonderful news about sharrow installation on Delaware Avenue.  Delaware Avenue is an important street running from downtown through some wonderful neighborhoods and shopping areas out to a beautiful suburb called, for obvious reasons, Delmar.  Ready for the rising tides, no doubt!  Seriously, though, did you know downtown Albany is at sea level?  The Hudson River has tides.  Back in time whales were sighted here.  Delaware Avenue has one lane of traffic in each direction and, because it connects downtown to the popular and well populated suburb, it can be very busy.  I’ve seen top-secret photos that I’d be wise not to post showing  sharrows there placed smack dab in the middle of the lanes.  Hard to complain about that!  I will get there soon to take pictures for posting.  As always, Lorenz, you are my hero.

Things are looking up.  I need to get out and pedal!

I’ll leave you with this delightful, life affirming picture.  Have you done something just the right amount of dangerous today?  There is still daylight!


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