President Bush Rides Recalled Bicycle?

I just read on Bike Snob NYC that President Bush is riding a 29er now. I wonder who put him on what appears to be the recalled model from Niner? Maybe it was the fellow wearing the Niner jersey who is leaning on what looks like a very different model of Niner bicycle. [Picture from Bike Snob’s site, but he seems to have borrowed it from here.]

I reported on the recall of the Jet 9 from Niner back in May. Here is the picture from the Niner site.

Same bicycle? Looks close enough to me that I would certainly ask the question. Maybe that is what the three gentlemen are discussing.

At least your britches seem to check out, Mr. President. Those Pearl Izumi shorts you are wearing look like the Select Versa model. I checked the site of the Consumer Products Safety Commission. No recalls. Even so, I note that the bulk of the products sold by Pearl Izumi seem to be made in China. You’re enjoying a pretty healthy pension–$196,700 a year to be exact. I respectfully ask that you consider buying your cycling clothes from a domestic maker. Try, for instance, Swrve. They make swell clothes for bicycling. Here are a couple of their products I have tested myself.

Finally, if you get tired of checking the welds on your Taiwanese made Niner, consider having Mike Flanigan put something together for you in his shop in Massachusetts. Nothing like looking into the eyes of the guy who builds the bicycle you mean to bounce all over the side of a mountain. Kind of gives me the warm and fuzzies knowing where my ANTs came from. Here is an ANT with 29″ wheels and a Rohloff hub. Muy presidential! [Photograph from Mike Flanigan’s site.]

Please ride safely, Mr. President. Seriously. I pay a percentage of your medical bills.

Update: I learned here that (a) the two gentlemen with President Bush are the cofounders of Niner, (b) that aboard the Jet 9 President Bush took three minutes off his time over one of his regular off-road loops in Kennebunkport, Maine, and (c) the gentlemen are discussing how hard it is to operate a small business in the United States. Lessons learned? Push harder on the pedals to go faster and have your products produced in Taiwan to make more moeny.  That said, it is not time to unfurl the “Mission Accomplished” banner, yet.  It sounds like the President was just trying out the bicycle, so maybe he is still in the market.  Please let me know if you need a personal shopper, Mr. President.


2 responses to “President Bush Rides Recalled Bicycle?

  1. I think Bush should visit the Netherlands to see how things work in a country where cyclists are treated well. In fact, I’m pretty sure there’s a special spot waiting for him in The Hague.

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