Helmet of Humility

I have some pretty rad bicycles.  I deserve maybe one or two of them, but no one stopped me from getting the rest, so have them I do.  Even so, I have no expectations of being accepted by the cool kids because I show up wearing this professor gadget helmet.  

It is at minimum five kinds or wrong.  First, it is an affordable one size fits all helmet designed for commuting.  Safety experts will tell you that rounded helmet profiles are safer.  The absence of a point in the back prevents an unwanted neck twist should you decide to land on the back of your helmet.  Safer is not cool.

Second, I have affixed a helmet mirror.  I have used one for about a decade and cannot comfortably ride in traffic without one.  It lets me keep tabs on what is going on behind me without turning my head.  Helmet mirrors or mirrors of any kind are not cool.

Third, I have zip tied to the top a hiking headlamp.  It is bright as all get out and has a blinking mode.  I illuminate reflective street signs two blocks before getting there.  The rechargable batteries last at least a year between charges.  I could put a light on my bike, but I never know which one I will ride.  Having the light up on my helmet means it is always with me, even when I didn’t mean to stay out past sunset.  So geeky it hurts, but cars see the strobing light and give me room.  I am not sure it is legal, but I’ve never been bothered by the law.  If it was illegal, I might gain back half a cool point.

Fourth, I have added a medical ID sticker to the outside which directs medics to the info in the folder on the inside.

Finally, I added additional reflective materials.  I’d gone so far along the path I saw no reason to stop.  If I thought a propeller on the top served some purpose, I’d add that, too.

Even if I never crash, my helmet carries my mirror, lights, reflectors and medical information.  As important, it keeps me humble.  Priceless, no?

Bonus tip for Third Eye Pro helmet mirror users.   If the arm stops holding its adjustment, maybe it sinks every time you hit a bump, I just learned (by trying) that it can be firmed up by removing the arm and wrapping teflon thread tape around  the ball of the joint and reassembling.  This tape can be found in the plumbing section of your local hardware store.


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