White Squash, Brown Pheasant and Little Else

The vines on which these grew popped up in our community garden plot. The wait to see what fruit would issue forth was excruciating. White squash of some variety (can you help?) was the last thing I expected. We didn’t eat any such thing so I have no idea how the seeds ended up in our soil.

No mystery is attached to the brown ceramic pheasant. This regal fellow ended up in our backyard after I carried him home from the curb of a neighbor.

It is at times like this that I wonder why I am blogging. Squash and ceramic birds? Really? Am I rebelling against myself by not pedaling now that I started a blog that is supposed to be about pedaling? If I can’t get my leg over a bicycle for a ride further than the garden in the summer, what is the outlook for December?  Heavens help me.


4 responses to “White Squash, Brown Pheasant and Little Else

  1. Have you ever found out what this squash is? I have them growing in my garden, I planted zucchini’s and got these! (Seeds from a zucchini someone gave me last year).

    • Ha! I don’t think so. I don’t even remember what they looked like inside. Orange comes to mind. Let’s go with that. Have you opened one up? Cooked it? If so, was it good? Anyways… have a great weekend!

      • I haven’t yet! I think it may be a white acorn squash? After my extensive google research haha! I’m not even sure if mine is ripe? I’ll keep you posted!

      • I’m thinking most squash are ready as soon as you see them. That is, they are ripe when little and just get bigger and sometimes less good as they get bigger. I say cut one open!

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