Found Fruit

Short post to share the delights that are coming up in our neighborhood.

Cherries from a tree by our local pond. The tree is old and super tall. No cherries are within reach. I used an extendable pruner like a remote robot arm and delicately plucked each cherry. Most of the time anyway. Sometimes I would get aggressive and clip the cherry stems on a few at a time. No branches were harmed in the collection of the fruit. Sometimes I was able to catch the falling cherries before they hit the ground. Others not. All are delicious.

Mulberries from a tree near my community garden. Actually, I took them from the ground and left the ones in the tree for later. I left buckets full on the ground. I had enough for our use.

Apples and pears from a local apartment complex come later, but I did notice one small apple on the ground. The season is upon us and I love it dearly!


One response to “Found Fruit

  1. awww, look at all this blogginess! I got too comfortable on Lacey reminding everyone of posts via That Ridiculous Website. Gotta remember to check here myself! Yay for fruit!!!!

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