Wiggy’s Sleeping Bag!

The good folks at Rivendell sell a tapered version of a wonderful bag I just bought directly from the manufacturer, Wiggy’s.  I bought the rectangular version of the desert bag, rather than the tapered version.  More room to kick about.  It keeps you warm to 40 degrees, which is colder than I run into when summer camping, but the range can be extended with a vapor barrier.

How great to be able to buy a wonderful product made in Grand Junction Colorado for a reasonable price?  Wiggy’s bags are on sale just now and they are throwing in free shipping.  The bag comes with a compression sack and a pillow.  The bag and the compression sack together weight about 3 pounds.  The pillow adds another 13 ounces.

The bag is made with Lamilite, a synthetic insulation that resists compression and is laminated to the fabric of the bag.  Because of the lamination, it doesn’t move around so no quilting is needed.  No cold spots.

The workmanship is first rate, the service wonderful and I am dying to have a reason to use it!  

This winter we bought a comforter from Wiggy’s.  That is highly recommended, too.  So very warm.  They make the comforters with cotton instead of nylon.  Much more cosy.


2 responses to “Wiggy’s Sleeping Bag!

  1. did you…”wig out” for the wiggies?

    • Thank you for asking. I have slept in it one evening and found it be very comfortable. We were to camp this past weekend, but big rain convinced us to do otherwise, so test two will have to wait.

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